Yuna can hug whoever she wants, thanks

Why does Yuna even have to justify hugging Usher?

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 20 Jul 2016

Video: YunaMusicOfficial/YouTube

Yuna has received criticism for having hugged Usher at the end of her recent Live at The Roots Picnic 2016 gig in Philadelphia. Some netizens, who either blogged about Yuna and Usher's encounter or commented on the YouTube video of the performance in question, suggested that the Malaysian singer had been "blindly provoked" while others chided Usher for not "knowing her religion."

We all know Yuna to never hesitate when responding to haters, so it's no surprise that she made her thoughts about clear about their self-righteous comments this time, too.

"Especially for all of you who made me 'trending' today. As I said before, I am not here to please anyone, especially a man who does not trust women's abilities. Criticise me all you want, but when you see me at a mall, you still want a picture with me," she wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post, as reported by Berita Harian.

She also mentioned how bloggers deliberately exaggerated the situation to generate more site traffic.

"All because they want the money. Don't think I don't know what you do for a living. We're not stupid. There is one per cent of haters and 99 per cent of fans who have been supporting me since I became involved in the music industry, from day one. Don't even think that I forgot you," she said.

However, Yuna is not one to forget the good deeds of others. In the same post, she expressed her gratitute for those who have treated her with respect.

"Thank God, I am here because of your positive aura. Thank you also to the accredited Malay media, who write responsibly and with pride. They came to me kindly to say hello," Yuna said. "I pray that God will bless your good heart. You and I have the same thing: patience, and because of that we are able to relate."

What everyone needs to understand is that Yuna can hug whoever the hell she wants, without drawing scorn. Skip to the 5:00 mark to see the hug, which is really TOTALLY NORMAL.

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