Yuna confirms her relationship with Adam Sinclair in an Instagram post

"I love you for just the way you are"

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 14 Mar 2017

Yuna & Adam dating!
Photo: adamyousofunny/Instagram

It looks like the rumours are true after all!

Malaysian singer Yuna has just confirmed her relationship with Adam Sinclair in a heartfelt Instagram post, thanking him for his contribution at her Lovelifest music festival that took place on Saturday at Setia City Park, Shah Alam.

"I wanted someone out of this world. Instead I found someone who is very much in tune with this world," she wrote. "Thank you for participating in everything I do wholeheartedly. I missed most parts of the festival because I had to do work, I was pretty bummed I missed all the shows and activities but you were my eyes on that day."

"Going through all the footage made me so happy you captured people dancing, people laughing, babies, my mom and dad, ALL the shows and you didn't even have to do all that but I get to experience my own festival through the videos," Yuna continued. "You joined games and talked to people, took selfies with them... you are so wonderful."

"I love you for just the way you are. Who knew 5 years ago when we met we would be here now? I know I'm not an easy person to be with... I come with a lot of baggage and responsibilities but you're brave enough to embrace what I am.

"With you I get to be the strong woman you tell me that I am, with you I also get to be normal again. I'm so lucky to have found a love in a friend. The way you treat people will continue to inspire me.. ❤ I'm sad I don't have a proper festival photo with you, I had to give my time to my fans and my job. But inshaAllah if God permits there will be a time when our day will be ours only. Thanks for showing me what I deserve, finally," she said.

Cue the waterworks.


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