Yuna apologises to a fan for hitting back at a "negative" comment

The fan came under fire after telling Yuna to fix the way she dressed

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 9 May 2016

Yuna is sorry
Photo: yunamusic/Instagram

Yuna has apologised for putting an 18-year-old fan under the spotlight after the latter commented on the way Yuna dressed.

The fan, who goes by the Instagram handle @xxsjune, wrote in Malay on a recent photo of the Malaysian singer: "Perbaiki cara kamu berpakaian ye kak @yunamusic" (fix the way you dress). She also addressed Yuna as 'kak', which means sister, but it was the use of the word 'kamu' (Malay for 'you') that Yuna was offended by, as it is considered disrespectful to use 'kamu' when addressing someone older than you.

In response, Yuna wrote a comment (seen below) on one of @xxsjune's photos, which became viral.

In English: "Salam, sister. I don't know why you feel like you can speak to me using the word 'kamu.'" You know that I'm 10 years older. Would you say that to my face? You wouldn't, right? Don't be so negative okay. Life is so challenging and don't be quick to judge other people. Whatever I wear, I'm still a good person. Just like your friends. When you grow up, you'll understand. Good luck in studies and don't judge people who dress a bit differently from you."

Yuna's response sparked criticism from other fans against @xxsjune, who under pressure, temporarily made her Instagram private. Not wanting to prolong the issue, the singer apologised for putting her fan on the spot.

"Salam sis, I'm so sorry this became viral. Just know that I care and Yuna did not mean to make this a huge issue. I love you and I hope you'll become a successful person. Good luck with everything sayang. Remember to be the best person you can be and the best kind of person does not say anything bad about other people," Yuna reportedly wrote on @xxsjune's Facebook page.

Thankfully @xxsjune did not seem to hold a grudge against the singer, as she wrote back: "It's okay, it's over... I too am sorry."

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