Michelle Obama is extremely embarrassed by shopping buddy Ellen Degeneres

She also impersonates Barack Obama and teaches Stephen Colbert the meaning of 'Swagalicious'

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 22 Sep 2016

Video: The Ellen Show

Michelle Obama's time as the First Lady of the United States is coming to an end (sadly) so Ellen Degeneres took her on a shopping trip to CVS Pharmacy to prepare her for life after the White House. And it's a trip she (and we) will never forget.

While Michelle tried to do her best, Ellen just wanted to have fun. She opened a box of wine, almost signed a baby's forehead, used the megaphone to sing it to sleep, and made a huge mess while FLOTUS was busy checking the groceries out. The comedian even asked Michelle to put her face on money and tried to skip paying for the groceries.

"It's like taking a three-year-old to the store," Michelle said. "I'm gonna be back. 2017 – I'm coming alone."

And to make us love her all the more, FLOTUS recently displayed her knack for doing great impressions of her husband, Barack Obama, in a segment of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She also admitted that she and daughter Sasha don't really want to listen to his talks about important stuff. "Sasha and I are like, urgh," she said.

Then when Stephen asked her "How is 'Swagaliciousness' achieved?", she said the best thing ever: "It's a person who has a lot of swag. And if you don't know what swag is, Stephen, you definitely don't have it."

Never change, Michelle. Never change.

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