Woman texts her ex sad Adele lyrics

And the outcome is seriously hilarious

By Shantila Lee | Published: 30 Oct 2015

Texting Adele lyrics
Photo: YouTube

Since Adele's new single, Hello, was released, the Internet has been buzzing over how good the emotional song is. But one woman, Mary Caldarella, decided to use the tune to play a practical joke on her unsuspecting ex, known only as Matt. Mary took the lyrics from Hello and allowed the Brit soul-diva speak for her.


The poor guy had no idea what was going on – way to freak out your ex. The tweet has since gone viral. Mary today tweeted "how am I on people magazine I'm crying my life goal is achieved at 19 years old", so a viral tweet is apparently a possible ticket to fame.

Ellen has also gotten on the Hello bandwagon, posting up a video where she gets phone calls from Adele, Drake and Lionel Richie. She can't quite hear what Adele is saying and Ellen hilariously deadpans "Did you say you're eating beets?", then Drake calls with a familiar complaint and finally Lionel Richie has a pertinent question.

Watch the Ellen video below then click here to see the Richie/Adele mashup video.

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