Who is Benedict Cumberbatch's fiancée?

The 'Sherlock' actor is engaged. Here's what we know about his bride-to-be, Sophie Hunter

By Andrea Tim | Published: 6 Nov 2014

Mrs. Cumberbatch
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Thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch, we'll never look at violins the same way again. Earlier this month he told ELLE UK what Sherlock would be like in bed – "I'd know exactly how to please a woman, I'd know exactly where to put my fingers, where to put my tongue, where to put my – his I should say – his fingers, his tongue. Think about violinists, think about what they can do with their fingers."

Yup, never the same way again. Breathe.

Thanks to Smaug, uh, Sherlo – cough, we mean Benedict, we'll also never see him the same way (as in single) again either. You should all know by now that the 38-year-old is to marry his mysterious girlfriend, Sophie Hunter. We didn't realise that when Benedict hinted in that same ELLE UK interview that he planned to settle down, he meant sooner rather than later.

The more pressing matter: who is the woman who has won the heart of one of UK's most eligible bachelors? Here is what we know.

1. Sophie has a few things in common with Benedict.
She grew up in Hammersmith, London, the same place that Benedict was born. According to the Daily Mail, she is the eldest of Charles and Katherine Hunter's five children. Her mother is from Edinburgh. Sophie's family is an illustrious one, as is Benedict's. Her late grandfather was General Sir James Michael Gow GCB, Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Bath. He was equerry to Prince Henry, the Duke of Gloucester, back in the 1950s, and became Commander-in-Chief British Army of the Rhine and Commander NORTHAG, the Northern Army Group of NATO.

2. Sophie, like her fiancé, is a person of the arts.
Not only is Sophie an actress, she is also a very accomplished director. According to IMDB, Sophie won the prestigious Samuel Beckett Award in 2007 for writing and directing the critically acclaimed play The Terrific Electric, which showed at London's Barbican Theatre. She was only 29 years old at the time.

Besides directing several other plays and operas, Sophie has Broadway in her repertoire, having directed the 2010 revival of Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts at the Access Theatre. Sophie co-founded the Lacuna Theatre Company and also directed experimental play The Shackleton Project during its North American tour in 2013.

3. She and Benedict go way back.
Okay, not really way back, but they met for the first time a few years ago, in 2009, while filming Burlesque Fairytales. Skip to 1:30 in the trailer to see them act and stuff.

4. Sophie studied French and Italian at Oxford.
She also went to Paris to study at L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq. Sophie met her former boyfriend, artist Conrad Shawcross, while at Oxford and the pair soon became an 'It couple' on the London art scene, the Daily Mail reports.

5. She was in 2004 film Vanity Fair, which starred Reese Witherspoon.
Sophie first caught the public's attention in her breakout role as Maria Osborne. Even though it was a small role, she was called the new Sienna Miller or Keira Knightley.

6. Sophie sings, but isn't planning on doing it as her main profession.
In 2005, she collaborated with Guy Chambers on an album, called the Isis Project (unfortunately), which was sung in French. Repeat, she not only speaks, but sings in French.

Benedict told ELLE UK that he hopes in 30 years' time he'll look back at his life and have loved ones to look back with him. "I hope I'm surrounded by family," he said. You're on the way to that, Benedict. And we wish you and Sophie all the happiness in the world.

That said, we'll always be loyal Cumbercookies.

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