Watch Neelofa and Fattah Amin finally admit that they are together

And yes, Fattah's song 'Wanita Terakhir' is about Neelofa

By Andrea Tim | Published: 7 Feb 2017

Video: Budiey Isma/YouTube

Suri Hati Mr Pilot co-stars Neelofa and Fattah Amin have finally given the fans what they want. After dodging the question about their relationship status for ages – despite showing an undeniable chemistry both on and off-screen – the Malaysian actors sat down for a conference with fans recently and admitted that they had been dating. (Skip to 3:20 for the moment.)

"Since the first week of Suri Hati Mr Pilot," Neelofa said, "We were together."

Cue cheers from the crowd.

Fattah also revealed that his song Wanita Terakhir was indeed directed at Neelofa. The couple explained that they decided to finally clear things up because they wanted to avoid any further misunderstandings and false rumours about them, which could hurt not just themselves but their families. No matter how their relationship turns out, Neelofa hopes that she is always able to work with Fattah.

"I want to be okay with you," she told him. "Regardless of our emotions or any pressure we may face. I just want to be okay. I don't want any problems, I don't want to fight, I don't want anything bad. I say that sincerely."

However, there's still some uncertainty in the air.

"We need time to heal and space for us to see where we're going with this," Neelofa added to fans. "We need to settle our own personal issues and hope that you can respect that. We also ask you not to make any assumptions. No matter what you guys think, only [Fattah and I] know where we stand. [...] If we're meant to be, we're meant to be."

The actress was reluctant to share any more details about the issues concerned, asserting this in a different video. Whatever it is, #Lofattah (their joint career hashtag) will always be a thing.

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