Watch Beyoncé make the biggest non-fuss about her bleeding ear

She knew the risks of wearing long magical braids that get caught in earrings

By Andrea Tim | Published: 17 Oct 2016

Beyoncé's injury
Photo: Beyoncé

In this week's episode of Beyoncé slaying us all, she accidentally tore her earlobe when her earring got caught in her braid while performing at the Tidal x 1015 charity concert.

Don't get us wrong, it didn't look like anything serious (also, it was no Dave Grohl), but hey, you try ripping your earring out and see if it hurts. As for Bey, she went on singing like the professional she was born to be, only wiping her ear so casually, the blood might not have even been there at all.

No fuss whatsoever.

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