Tyra Banks thinks we're not ready for the "visible nipple"

Tyra Banks University tackles boobs, armpits and professional haircuts

By Andrea Tim | Published: 25 Sep 2015

Video: ELLE

In case you haven't been in the loop, Tyra Banks has been talking to ELLE US about her beauty and fashion tips in a video series dubbed the Tyra Banks University.

"I don't think we're ready for the visible nipple," Tyra told ELLE US senior beauty and fitness editor Julie Schott. "In maybe like 25 years, it'll be normal. I think the new thing that's gonna happen is gonna be bottom cleavage."

So that's a nay to free the nipple and yay to the underboob.

Her advice for big-breasted ladies is to not draw too much attention to the chest.

"I tend to do things to distract from boobs," she said. "I do what I call slice and dice... which is an asymmetrical, which kind of plays with the eye so you don't just see this big ridge."

The other thing that she does is colour blocking, which helps "dissect" the boob. Watch the video and all will be explained.

In the same series, the America's Next Top Model host also talked about armpits and boss haircuts. Heads up: Tyra has what she calls vagarmpits. It's body acceptance taken to a whole new level.

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