Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift are an item, we blacked out a bit

#Hiddlesbum is taken, and not by you

By Andrea Tim | Published: 16 Jun 2016

Hiddleswift is real
Photo: Splashnews

Boy, that didn't take long. Taylor Swift has moved on from Calvin Harris and is now dating Tom Hiddleston, and there is photo evidence.

A LOT of photos, starting with this one: an actual kiss, on a beach on Rhode Island.

Surprised? Hurt? Someone wasn't surprised, they actually predicted this; everyone is hurt.

Here are more photos to break your heart. Clearly, things went beyond Tom and Taylor's chemistry at the Met Gala (you could've been dancing with Tom instead, think of all the wasted opportunities). But it's okay, there are plenty of other fish in the sea (no there aren't). It's like that time when Cookie Monster had to watch Tom enjoy a cookie before he had one himself (except Cookie Monster gets his cookie in the end and you still don't get Hiddlesbum). Hiddlesbum was never meant to be yours (noooooooo!).

The greatest Twitter reactions and puns, compiled below.

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