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We spoke to Tinashe about music, fashion, superpowers and French fries ahead of her performance at H-Artistry

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 7 Oct 2016

Talking to Tinashe
Photo: tinashenow/Instagram

H-Artistry is back for another year of bringing together some of the world's finest musicians onstage to perform. This year's line-up includes American singer Tinashe, who at just 23, is quickly making a name for herself with songwriting, record producing, dancing, acting and modelling.

We caught up with Tinashe ahead of her performance tomorrow night at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre to talk to her about what she's been up to.

Are you excited for H-Artistry?
I am so excited! This is my first time performing in Malaysia. I'd 100% come back. I would love to come on my own tour that's for sure.

What can your fans expect from your performance tomorrow?
My performances are always very high in energy. I want everyone in the crowd on their feet, up and dancing. I want everyone to leave feeling inspired and energised. You know, my show has a lot of choreography, it's very dance driven and I'm really excited.

You just did an Alexander Wang campaign; tell us what that was like.
It was so great! Alexander Wang is a designer that I have been a fan of and admired for a long time. So when I was asked, it was probably #GOALS of any campaign I'd wanna be in. But having him ask me if I wanted to be part of it was very, very amazing. And being able to cultivate a relationship with him has been very incredible.


Squad goals ⚡️ #WANGSQUAD @alexanderwangny

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Have you ever been inspired by books or movies?
Yeah, I think as a creative person you get inspired by everything you go through and everything that comes into your awareness. Even if you're not a 100% doing it on purpose; subconsciously I feel like I'm inspired by everything. Places that I travel, people that I meet, new cultures but then of course, like, movies, literature, art, other art, songs, it's all inspiration.

Do you think you'd do any fashion designing in the future?
Yeah! I would love to. Honestly, I like make something out of nothing. So it can be anything, whether it be music videos, music, film, fashion, painting, art, stories, and novels. I just want to get into everything. I want to make things.

We listened to the song you did with Enrique Iglesias and it's got a little bit of Spanish in it. Do you actualy speak Spanish?
*Laughs* I did Spanish in high school so I learned a little bit of Spanish.

Do you think you'd make songs written purely in Spanish in the future?
Maybe! I wouldn't rule it out. It's not an impossibility.

What other languages can you speak besides English?
Nope, only English. It's so sad.

If you weren't doing music, what would you be doing?
I've wanted to do music for as long as I can remember so there's not really a plan B, but I guess if I weren't doing music, it'd be something in the creative field. I'd be directing music videos, directing movies, anything in the creative zone.


The all-dance version of Superlove with footage from rehearsals is on YouTube now 💘

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Have you tried any Malaysian food?
Not yet but I've had one recommendation. It's like some rice with chilli paste?

You mean nasi lemak?
Yeah, yeah! But I haven't eaten it yet. What would you recommend?

I'd suggest assam laksa. It's noodles with spices and soup. Also try banana leaf rice! It's an Indian dish. It's really good.
That sounds good!

Three favourite singers?
Janet Jackson, Sade, and Britney Spears.

Three favourite fashion designers?
Alexander Wang, Jeremy Scott, and Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi from DKNY. They count as one designer though.


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Has anyone told you that you look like FKA Twigs?
Oh yeah, definitely. I mean, I can't change what I look like so I mean that's cool I guess. I think that we look relatively similar but we don't look exactly alike.

Favourite lip colour?
My favourite lip colour is more on the natural side. I don't play around with too many colours. I kind of like more of an orangey light brown.

Singing or dancing?
Singing but they kind of go hand-in-hand for me but I think I'll go with singing.

Coffee or tea?

Cats or dogs?

Favourite kind of holiday?
I love Halloween because it's really fun but I also really love Christmas. I'm very family oriented.

Would you rather lose all your hair or all of your teeth?
I guess all my teeth? Because I think you can get fake teeth easily.

But you can get wigs easily too.
Oh my god, that's true!

It's too early for this.
Yeah, I know! But I don't wanna lose either!

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? What's your Patronus?
Oh yes I am! Actually my mum, this morning just asked me what my Patronus was and I think it would be a cat. Or a cat type animal or like a panther...

What would your superhero power be?
Definitely the power of persuasion then I can make everybody do what I want at all times.

Favourite everyday outfit?
Sweatpants and a T-shirt.

Favourite Halloween costume?
I was thinking about being French fries this year.

Would you be one French fry or a whole box?
A box of fries!

If you were forced to, what other food would you substitute fries for?
(Gasps) Potato chips!

Pick something non-potato!
Okay, okay. Um, probably tacos. Does that count?

Tinashe will perform live at the H-Artistry event tomorrow at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre alongside HyunA, Mad August, and Crizzly from 8pm onwards. Stream it live here.


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