This is what Thor was doing during 'Civil War'

Even Mjölnir was "taking a nap"

By Andrea Tim | Published: 29 Aug 2016

Why Thor was missing
Photo: Marvel

Drawing mind maps and curing meat: two of the many things that we never expected Thor to be doing while the rest of the Avengers were busy fighting each other over superhero anonymity in Captain America: Civil War.

In a video Marvel has (finally!) published for the public to see – it made its exclusive debut at Comic Con as a lead-up to 2017 sequel Thor: Ragnarok – Thor explained he wanted to "be around average everyday people" like his new housemate Darryl Jacobson. Poor Darryl Jacobson.

Thor mopes around about not being invited to the battle between Team Cap and Team Iron Man, and even has time for coffee with Bruce Banner, who tells Tony Stark on the phone that he isn't willing to be part of the "pissing contest."

All that time spent away from the Avengers has also allowed Thor time to digest the mystery of the Infinity Stones with mind maps centred on an equally elusive "purple man" – that's Thanos, for those of us in the know. Thor may be a nuisance to Darryl (who really isn't as enthusiastic about having the God of Thunder live with him as, say, Jane Foster would), but it's obvious that superhero time-outs look good on Thor.

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