This is what happens when Zayn Malik leaves One Direction

From quiet crying to slow-motioned outrage, the Directioners lost direction after the news broke

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 26 Mar 2015

Zayn fan reactions
Photo: Getty Images

Nearly a week ago, Zayn Malik dropped out of One Direction's tour. Then last night, he announced that he was leaving the band altogether. While the news surprised many of us, it took a huge toll on the singer's famously devoted fan base. See some of the crazy that ensued below.

There were fans who cried quietly...


And those who didn't want to hear it...



Some had full-blown meltdowns...



While others went into deep (deep) denial...



Some even got together with a friend to share their heartache...



And news of Zayn leaving the band was so devastating to some Directioners that they had an actual moment of silence...



There was even a candlelight vigil for the singer, although a small one, to the Titanic soundtrack.



But the best reaction we've seen all day was from this particular fan who slow-motioned her outrage. Be strong, Directioners. You can get through this.



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