This is how Amy Adams attacks Christoph Waltz for a burger

Also in this roundup: Reese's mum is the cutest ever, Macklemore goes to Sesame Street and Rita Ora is having sex tape issues

By Jamie Khoo | Published: 13 Jan 2015

Amy wants a burger
Photo: Getty Images

Amy Adams freaks out over a burger at a Golden Globes after-party
We've heard that food is scant at award ceremonies (remember the pizza delivery at last year's Oscars?) so we totally get that these evenings can make a person hangry. This photo of Amy Adams going mad for Christoph Waltz's burger is perfect, and we have fallen in love with her all over again – because who doesn't empathise with the pain of polite restraint when you're starving? Above, we see her at The Weinstein Company and Netflix after-party, trying with all her might to resist the burger (she didn't win Best Actress for nothing). 

Now here she is going full throttle. Excellent.

(Photo: Getty Images)

Reese Witherspoon's biggest fan left her the best IM messages
Reese Witherspoon may not have won the Golden Globe for Best Actress, but her fans love her as much as ever... especially her number one fan, her mother, who left her a string of adorable IM messages to keep her spirits up.

Some are wondering, with their tongues firmly in their cheeks, if this 'mom' isn't just some crazy bot spamming Reese with messages, but then it's not the first time Reese has reposted her mother's cute words of encouragement. Check out the posts. And then go on, give your mum a call.

 An earlier post, when the Golden Globe nominations were first announced:

Macklemore goes to Sesame Street
Macklemore has brought his Thrift Shop hit to Sesame Street's rubbish collection. Starring Oscar the Grouch, who lives in a trash can, and his other Muppet friends, the remake of the song gives a whole new meaning to being thrifty. "I'm gonna pop some trash, only got seven bags in my trash can,” sing the muppets while Macklemore adds, "One grouch's trash is another grouch's outfit." We're not sure what lessons kids are supposed to take away from this (when did Sesame Street get so, well, street?) but we do hear that the recyling trend of rummaging through garbage is all the rage now.

Rita Ora is the victim of a fake sex tape
A sex video featuring a Rita Ora lookalike has been doing the rounds on the Internet, and has had more than 80,000 views across several porn sites already. But fans can rest easy in the knowledge it's really not her. The Daily Star reports that a source told them, "The tape isn't Rita but it claims it is her so that it is still very embarrassing because it pops up on lots of search engines."

Well, that's a relief. However, the singer has recently been on the end of criticism for wearing a revealing white jacket that showed off a plunging neckline on BBC's The One Show. Her outfit sparked 400 complaints from viewers who felt it unsuitable for primetime television, and the BBC had to issue an apology on their Facebook page. However, it didn't damper the launch of The Voice UK on Saturday. Rita, as one of this season's judges, showed up in a see-through black top and the show saw 8.5 million viewers. Put two and two together…


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