Taylor Swift: singer turned high school prom stylist

To tie or to bowtie? That is the question

By Andrea Tim | Published: 8 Jul 2015

Taylor saves prom
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Everyone's favourite Tumblr celeb strikes again. Taylor Swift responded to a fan, Swiftromantics, who posted his prom outfit dilemma on the microblogging site (and here you thought your prom was memorable).

We mean that old guy's suit dilemma: tie or bow tie?

Taylor was good enough to hand him some fashion advice, as one does when one sees a friend or fan in need.

"I like the tie but honestly both are great," she wrote. "I just feel like you look like a 50's movie star in the bow tie, but more like a modern movie star in the tie. Depends on what vibe you're wanting to convey but I'd say the tie. Great suit btw!"

Spotlight on the hashtags, please. Taylor said "your suit game is fire" and Swiftromantics' reaction to her comments was everything.

"Taylor," he wrote in fragmented posts. "I just dropped my phone into my chicken salad. I just ran to the bathroom to breathe.... Cautiously drinking tea in case she comes back and I spill it all over myself."

Apparently the Blank Space singer was still hanging around her fan's Tumblr page afterwards and liking some of his posts. But back to the topic, necktie it is. Swifties take note. Hey, maybe even Dave Grohl will consider slapping on a tie as tribute for his next Foo Fighters concert.

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