Taylor Swift really sat in mud, 'Out of the Woods' director confirms

Because the burning question we all need answered is whether Taylor had to do the dirty work herself

By Andrea Tim | Published: 4 Jan 2016

Taylor got muddy
Photo: Taylor Swift

Sceptics, this is something you need to know. The Out of the Woods music video now serves as solid proof that pop superstar Taylor Swift can lie around in mud and be okay with it. Director Joseph Kahn said that she not only tolerated freezing temperatures at some of their shooting locations, wearing only a simple blue dress, but she "suffered for her art" and "just gangstered it." No stunt doubles, no fake snow.

Glad he cleared that up. Now, whenever you walk home in the rain, drenched up to your knees, think of Taylor and how in her quest for artistic perfection, mud and ungodly temperatures were just a small hitch.

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