Taylor Swift bakes it off with Jamie Oliver

Meanwhile, Cara Delevingne may be going into music, and Laverne Cox shares her first dress experience. Also, who is Evan Rachel Wood dating?

By Andrea Tim | Published: 20 Oct 2014

Video: Jamie Oliver

Taylor Swift and Jamie Oliver "Bake It Off"
We think Jimmy-Jeremy-Jamie Oliver is quite the fan of Taylor Swift's song, Shake It Off. The Naked Chef challenged the singer to a bake-off to promote and support Stand Up to Cancer. Taylor obliged, even though she wasn't amused (at first) by Jamie's overzealous attempts at trying to get in his competition's face with a parody of Shake It Off, called – duh – Bake It Off. Eventually, even the self-proclaimed cat lady couldn't resist Jim, uh, Jamie's charm, although she did manage to come out on top with "lovely pipe work" on her sparkler cake.

Is there anything that Cara Delevingne doesn't want to do?
Remember when Cara said that she doesn't want to just stick to modelling, and even wants to pursue music on top of her quickly blossoming acting career? Looks like that's already happening for the 22-year-old Brit, who has reportedly been working on a music project with Pharrell Williams.

Sources speculate that Cara's first entry into the industry will involve a song, the music video (which was filmed in Paris), and a global launch. And all of that is apparently going to come without warning. We've had plenty of surprises before, with compliments of some celebs, so we like to say that we're so prepared for any rabbit pulled out from any of Pharrell's ridiculous hats.

Laverne Cox on wearing her first dress

(Photo: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images)

You may not be a stranger to Laverne Cox's fabulous sense of style, but you should know that it took a while before the Orange Is The New Black star mustered the courage to even wear a dress.

"I was terrified of wearing a dress because my third grade teacher Ms. Ridgeway said I would end up in New Orleans wearing a dress," said the actress, who is the first openly transgender person in history to receive an acting nomination at the Emmys.

Laverne told MTV News that she got her first dress while studying at Indiana University. "It was silver lamé and it was long sleeved and I got it from this thrift store... And I wore it to, oh gosh... I didn't wear it to class!" she said, laughing. Instead, she wore her dress to a local gay bar in Bloomington.

Fab or not, Laverne still hasn't found a soft spot for stilettos as she finds them uncomfortable. She did, however, find a pair chunky platform shoes from the Salvation Army, which she "wore to death."

And then we can all thank Boy George for inspiring Laverne to embrace her femininity. "He seemed so bold and so, like, he created this space of possibility for me maybe to, I think the androgyny I had through my adolescents was probably because of Boy George," she said.

Evan Rachel Wood is dating Katherine Moennig
After having split from her husband, Jamie Bell, earlier this year, Evan Rachel Wood is now moving on. According to E! News, the Across the Universe actress has been going out with The L Word's Katherine Moennig.

Evan, who confirmed her bisexuality in a 2011 interview with Esquire, had apparently been a huge fan of Katherine for a long time. She once tweeted to Kate, after admitting that she spotted the latter at a flea market and was so overwhelmed, she ran off instead of saying hi. "You are amazing," the tweet read. "Helped me realize who i am. Big fan." A source revealed that the two are "really into each other. It seems like something that may last awhile."


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