Taylor Swift makes T-shirt from the "No it's Becky" meme

Plus, Mary Kate Olsen may have gotten married, Lindsay Lohan wants Mean Girls 2, Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo split, and Drake got the 'prayer hands' tattoo

By Andrea Tim | Published: 26 Sep 2014

Taylor's meme Tshirt
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Taylor Swift made a T-shirt from a Tumblr meme
Being a Tumblr junkie and all-around trend-setting popstar, it wasn't long before Taylor Swift responded to a meme of herself. The original Tumblr post that gave life to the meme meant to send a message about not taking drugs. The post was accompanied by an old photo of 'Becky', who is really probably a teenage Taylor, if not an insanely identical lookalike. Of course, someone pointed out "Pretty sure that's Taylor Swift", but the response to that was a flat "no its becky."

(Photo: taylorswift/Tumblr)

So naturally, Taylor picked up the meme, turned it into a T-shirt and is reconsidering her 1989 album cover. Also, Swifties and Tumblr users everywhere lived happily ever after with their own "no its becky" T-shirt.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy may have gotten married in secret
One half of the famous Olsen twins was spotted shopping for an engagement ring earlier this year, before it was speculated that Mary-Kate was indeed engaged to Olivier Sarkozy. However, it now seems that the pair may have actually tied the knot after they were both seen wearing what are possibly wedding bands on their fingers. Although MK's reps have not yet confirmed this, she and her beau seem to be having a great time together. Adding a secret wedding to that is just the icing on a cake. And, cue day-dreaming, starting with what the bride wore to the nuptials.

Lindsay Lohan is going to bug Tina Fey to write a Mean Girls sequel
LiLo is doing grown up things now. She's living in her own flat in London, and has left New York behind.

"I love the energy of New York but I feel London's more adult," she confessed. What got us sitting bolt upright in our seats was that Lindsay is also thinking about a grown-up Mean Girls sequel (um, yes please!).

The actress knows "people really love the movie" and we as people can back that up ourselves. "I was with Tina Fey the other day and I said we should do another Mean Girls, like an older version where they're all housewives and they're all cheating. That would be really funny," she told Time Out in an interview. Again, yes please!

"I'll harass Tina to write it," she added. Thank you, Lindsay.

Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks break up after three years together

(Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Jason and Jordin share the same birth year, they're both the same height (how many six-feet-tall couples do you know?), and they performed a song together for his Tattoos album. Now, the couple is breaking hearts everywhere – ours included – as it has been recently confirmed that they have broken up.

The In My Head singer assured KDWB radio DJ, Big D about the nature of the breakup. "Everything is cool, man," he said. "I mean it's not a bad situation, you know. It's not one of those kind of things."

We should note that Jason's popular hit, Marry Me was inspired by Jordin. "It is about Jordin, actually, and it's talking about how amazing it will be when I get down on one knee and it will be the greatest moment of my life," he told E! Online in 2013. "You can't fake anything because true love is true love, and that's the basis of our relationship." We can't be the only ones hoping they'll get back together, right?

Man gets an Emoji tattoo, makes headlines
This wouldn't be as much of a hit if the man in question wasn't rapper Drake. After a visit to tattoo parlour, Shamrock Social Club, Drake was tagged in an Instagram post that showed off his new ink on both his left and right forearm.

(Photo: dr_woo_ssc/Instagram)

One reads "Everything happens for a reason sweet thing" while the other is the number 6 and the prayer hands emoji. You'll recognise the infamous emoji as either the prayer hands emoji or, thanks to a long-running debate, the high five emoji. However, Drake is pretty sure it's a prayer hands emoji. He reportedly commented on the post, writing "It will be a debate until the end of time...high five or praying is what u make it haaa." He then added "I pity the fool who high fives in 2014."

Both comments have been deleted, but Drake has spoken, people. No more high fives, and that is definitely a prayer hands emoji. To those wondering what the tattoo combo means, we say to you, life is what you make it.


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