Taylor Swift is taking none of John Cleese's jokes about her cat

Plus, Hugh Grant drops out of 'Bridget Jones', Jessie J defends Ariana Grande and pregnant Blake Lively dyes onesies at baby shower

By Andrea Tim | Published: 13 Oct 2014

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John Cleese insults Taylor Swift's cat, and she's not having any of it
Sitting together on Graham Norton's scarlet couch last week were Taylor Swift, John Cleese and cricketer Kevin Pieterson. Given the cat trend Taylor started, it wasn't a surprise that cats were brought in as a topic and a photo of her Scottish fold kitten, Olivia Benson was put onscreen.

John, being the comedian he is, immediately asked "How did it have the accident?" Clearly, he was referring to the cat's folded ears and slightly, um, squashed mien. Taylor was not amused.

"What? What accident?" she asked after a second's pause. Oblivious to her death stare, John went on: "That's the weirdest cat I've ever seen in my life" after which Graham came to Taylor's defence, displaying a photo of John's pet, a terrifying, long-haired cat.

John declared, in the midst of their playful shade-throwing that he still prefers cats over dogs, "They're unpredictable and cussed. Like women," directing the last bit at Taylor. Taylor's reaction? "Ooh, we don't wanna do that!" Meow.

Hugh Grant is out of third Bridget Jones's Diary instalment
It looks like we've a longer wait for the next Bridget Jones film, as Hugh Grant has pulled out of the forthcoming and long delayed sequel.

"I decided not to do it," Hugh said in an interview with Midland's Free Radio, according to The Telegraph. "But I think they're going to go ahead and do it without Daniel. The book's excellent, by the way, but the script is completely different – well, the script as I last saw it a few years ago." The actor, who played Daniel Cleaver in the first two films, had previously put the production on hold when he insisted that the script be made more to his liking before he committed himself to it.

The third book, Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy had Bridget's true love, Mark Darcy (played by Colin Firth) killed off. However, the corresponding film will most probably have him alive and well. If and when it finally does happen, that is.

Ariana Grande is not a diva, Jessie J says
Slashing down rumours that pint-sized Ariana Grande is a high-maintenance diva, is her Bang Bang co-performer, Jessie J. According to US Weekly, the British singer insisted that Ariana isn't a diva and that she knows "what she wants."

To Jessie, the media and public's perception of Ariana's supposed 'attitude' is a mere misunderstanding.

"I always say, judge a person when you meet them," she said. "I've met Ariana, and there's a very thin line between 'diva' and 'survival'," adding that she relates to how people can't differentiate between the two. "I've had the diva stuff. And it's when people can't cope with how passionate you are, and how much you care."

Not that any negativity's affecting the young star; Ariana slammed down haters last month, telling Entertainment Weekly "If any of the things that they were saying were true, I wouldn't mind it. Since they're not, I just sort of have to focus and stay on track and do what my family has always told me, which is just: Know my truth, work hard, be nice to everyone you meet, not fight back and just be a lady." You got this, Ariana.

Blake Lively threw a baby shower for herself
In more photos of the mysteriously picture-perfect baby shower, Blake Lively shares presents, beauty products, good food and fun projects. The actress, who is pregnant with her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds seem to be enjoying herself pre-motherhood and celebrating Preserve-style with a bunch of friends, all dressed to impress the boho-chic community.

After all, how better to anticipate "3am screams, seemingly impossible amounts of poop and having a favourite shirt covered in reflux" than with caramel apples, dyeing baby onesies, lots of cake, balloons and rustic toys? See all the photos here.


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