Super Junior's Lee Sungmin to wed actress Kim Sa-Eun

The K-pop singer has banished all rumours by making a huge marriage announcement

By Nalisa Alia Amin | Published: 16 Oct 2014

Lee Sungmin to wed
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It looks like Super Junior fans (or E.L.F as they call their fandom) are about to get their hearts broken. South Korea's entertainment agency, SM Entertainment has confirmed that Lee Sungmin is going to wed his actress girlfriend, Kim Sa-Eun this coming December 13 at Gangnam's The Raum.

Just last month, rumours were spreading like wildfire about their relationship right before both agencies from each side confirmed that they are indeed dating. There were no mentions of marriage until the 28 year-old pretty boy made a surprise announcement on Super Junior's official homepage.

"Everyone, I’m getting married on December 13. It makes me sad thinking about all the fans that must have been alarmed at the news. I wanted to personally break the news, but while thinking about how I should tell my good friends and loving E.L.F, the news reports came out first, and I’m really sorry for that," wrote the Mr. Simple singer.

There are no reports saying how long these two have been dating but maybe Sungmin is rushing to marry the actress due to his two years mandatory military service enlistment that he has to attend very soon.

Sungmin closed the statement with, "To everyone who has helped me until now, and to my fellow members and company that trust and support my decision, I am sincerely thankful. Continuing my activities, I’ll do my best to return everyone’s love and support."

SM Entertainment congratulated Sungmin by tweeting it in Hangul, " SungMin ah~ congratulations on your wedding! We wish you both happiness and grace in your marriage!"

(You might wonder why it's a big deal for Sungmin to get married since he is already in his late twenties. In the K-pop world, each idol has to sign a 'dating contract' before their debut, agreeing to not date publicly for a certain amount of years in order to focus on activities set by the agency and avoid scandals. This largely depends on the agency itself, but it is a common practice amongst the big agencies in South Korea.)


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