Sienna Miller goes to Broadway!

Elsewhere, Beyoncé gets a scolding, Meryl Streep defends Russell Crowe and Angelina Jolie is off for tea with God (sort of)

By Jamie Khoo | Published: 8 Jan 2015

Sienna on Broadway
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Sienna Miller to play Sally Bowles in Cabaret
Brit actress Sienna Miller has not only just landed a role in the hotly anticipated film Foxcatcher, she's also going to Broadway. Sienna will take over the Sally Bowles in Cabaret from Emma Stone, and see out the musical for the last six weeks of its run from February 17.

So, a dancing, singing, fishnet-clad Sienna? We don't see why not. She's already found fame as an actress, model, fashion designer and style icon. Broadway would seem as natural a progression as popping down to the corner shop for milk.

Angelina Jolie is off to meet the Pope
What a girl wants to do when she grows up: become a top Hollywood celeb, direct some movies, marry Brad Pitt, become a UN ambassador, meet the Pope. Angelina Jolie ticks all the boxes, including the one about flying to Rome "for a VIP meet-and-greet at the Vatican with Pope Francis." We didn't know the Pope did "meet-and-greets" but hey, we're all for progress. A source from the Vatican says, "The visit has been in the works for some time and is part of Angelina’s ongoing work with the UNHCR."

Brad was also supposed to attend but couldn't make it due to a "last-minute change". (No, he didn't just cancel on the Pope!) Instead Angelina took her two eldest daughters, Zahara and Shiloh, with her. The family is not known to be religious but a source tells Us Weekly the couple "admire the Pope" and "like the Pope's message."

Beyoncé and Jay-Z get a rap on the knuckles for their holiday snap with tiger
Y'all know Queen Bey has been on a round-the-world trip with her fam, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy (who just turned three, wahey!), including a tour around Southeast Asia. While in Thailand, they did like many tourists and visited the tigers, frolicking in the sun and feeding a baby cub, during which a fan snapped a photo and posted it on Instagram. Animal rights activists reacted quickly, telling the megastars off for inadvertently supporting animal cruelty.


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Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach of World Animal Protection highlighted the terrible conditions animals suffer when used as tourist attractions. "A tiger is not a plaything. Their health and well-being should not be sacrificed for a photo opportunity. When you look behind the scenes, vacation snaps like these support an industry that relies on animal cruelty," said Dr. Jan in a statement.

In late December, travel company Intrepid Travel also sounded out Beyoncé and family for riding an elephant. It tweeted, "Hi @Beyonce! We don't want to ruin your vacay, but elephant rides are not fun for elephants." One for your travel notes then – it ain't really a holiday unless everyone is having fun 'kay, Bey?

Meryl Streep defends Russell Crowe's sexist comments
We thought Russell Crowe was being ageist. Meryl Streep doesn't. And who dares to disagree with Meryl Streep? Not us.

Russell recently responded to complaints that there weren't enough film roles for women by saying that women just needed to take on roles suitable to their age. In talking about discrimination against women in film, he added, "Meryl Streep will give you 10,000 examples… as to why that's bulls**t". And you know what? She will. When asked about Russell's remarks at a press conference for Into the Woods, Meryl answered in that cool, inimitable way only she can: "I’m so glad you asked. I read… all of what he said. It's been misappropriated, what he was talking about. He was talking about himself. The journalist asked him, 'Why don’t you do another Gladiator? … Everybody loved that.' He said, 'I'm too old. I can't be the gladiator anymore. I'm playing parts that are appropriate to my age.' Then the conversation went on to actresses. So that was proving a point, that he was talking about himself, as most actors do. That aside, I agree with him. It's good to live in the place where you are. You can put old age on; it's a lot harder to take it off."

The 65-year-old actress has been in some of Hollywood's most memorable movies – from the comedies Death Becomes Her and The Devil Wears Prada to dramas Doubt and The Iron Lady – and won 165 awards, including three Oscars. The closest we've got to Hollywood is the boulevard. So we submit. Watch more of her comments here.

(Video: HeyUGuys/YouTube)

Beth Ditto says "I do" with wife Kristin Ogata (again)
Gossip singer Beth Ditto has tied the knot with wife Kristin Ogata for the second time. Though the couple first married in May 2013 it wasn't legally binding, so they decided to do it again, for real, once gay marriage was legalised in Oregon, their home state.

E! Online reports that the couple said their "I dos" for the second time on New Year's Eve. Beth herself posted a photo with Kristin on her Facebook page on 6 January with the happy caption: "Legally married finally, a year later! Thanks everyone who fought to make gay marriage legal in Oregon! In 2015, the whole US!" Congratulations and a big hurrah for all the love in the world.

 (Photo: gossipmusic/Facebook)


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