Sia says song writing with Katy Perry is 'boring'

She also got stood up by Kanye West and Rihanna

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 7 Dec 2015

Sia on song writing
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With her upcoming album This is Acting set for release on 29 January 2016, we're more than excited to hear from Sia about the album that consists of a selection of rejected songs that she wrote for other artists. But what we learned from her interview with Rolling Stone wasn't quite what we expected.

Apparently, song writing with Katy Perry is 'boring'. We can't imagine a boring Katy, just look at her funny videos! And her struggle to ride a Segway is anything but boring.

"I actually quit within the first hour of our first session. I was like, 'Can we both agree this doesn't work? Like our whole songwriting dynamic? And she was like, 'I love it. It's like a puzzle to me. It's like a crossword,'" said Sia. "And I was like, 'But this is boring for me. The analysis is totally boring for me. It feels like the enemy of creativity.'"

Sia also thinks that writing with Beyoncé is like going for writing camp. "The process is like a writing camp, essentially. She flies us all in and puts us all up. We all live in a house together – like five producers and five topline writers. She visits each room and will contribute and let us know what she's feeling and what she's not feeling," Sia explained.

She was also stood up by Kanye West and Rihanna. How rude! "I went into the studio to write for Rihanna and Kanye and neither of them showed up and stayed for less than an hour. They had two tracks. They told me what they had wanted. There were notes from Kanye, and I can't even remember what they were," she said.

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