Selena Gomez takes a break

"I've discovered that anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side effects of lupus"

By Mei Jing Goh | Published: 1 Sep 2016

Selena on a break
Photo: Revivaltour/Instagram

If you did not catch Selena Gomez in action during her recent Revival World Tour, you may have to wait for a while more to see her perform again.

The singer, who announced nearly a year ago that she had been diagnosed with lupus, has said that she is going to take time off from her busy career to get her health back on track. She told People that she wants to "focus on maintaining [her] health and happiness" to "ensure that she is doing everything possible to be [her] best." The reason for her sudden announcement: realising that "anxiety, panic attacks and depression" are potential side effects of the autoimmune disease and wanting to be "proactive" about it.

It is well-known that Selena has been battling lupus for some time. After taking her disease public last year, news that she previously sought treatment for it during a similar break she took in 2013 surfaced. Fast forward to 2016, Selena is going to do the same, and we are sure she is going to come back just as strong as she did after her first public retreat from the spotlight.

Selenators, unite!

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