Rihanna falls into a pool to save her wine

There is video evidence on Snapchat

By Andrea Tim | Published: 3 Jun 2016

Rihanna, our hero
Photo: TPG Images

Rihanna is here to remind all of us of our priorities. We don't mean work or chores, or feeding the cat. We mean those little mundane moments where you have to choose one thing over the other.

And you always, always choose to save your wine.

While on holiday in Barbados, lounging in an infinity pool on a swan float with a stunning view of the ocean (that's what you do when you're Rihanna on vacay), the singer's float wobbled dangerously towards the edge of the pool. She lost her balance and, to save her wine, simply (flawlessly, gracefully, hilariously) rolled off her float.

Wine saved; success! Our hero, Rihanna. More Snapchats of her lazy day in the sun below.

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