Rihanna drunk adopts a puppy

His name is Pepe and he is adorable

By Andrea Tim | Published: 29 Jun 2015

Rihanna's new puppy
Photo: TPG Images

Rihanna's guide to curing hangovers, step 1: adopt a puppy. The Barbadian singer went clubbing last night and came back with a puppy. Yes, that very same night.

According to Snapchat videos reposted by fans on Twitter, Rihanna the puppy found the puppy in a bathroom. The pooch apparently ran up to Rihanna, who then decided to take it home, but not before getting a cage, food and puppy supplies for her new pet.

We can't imagine how Pepe got to the random bathroom in the first place – honestly, how irresponsible of his owner, if he had one – but we just hope Rihanna gives the little fur ball a loving home.

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