Rebel Wilson proves she's a ninja

Graham Norton gets the 'Pitch Perfect' actress to show off her nunchuck skills

By Andrea Tim | Published: 6 May 2015

Video: BBC

It's official: no one is going to want to mess with Rebel Wilson. The Australian funny girl has skills with nunchucks like you'd never expect (and probably can't beat). Visiting The Graham Norton Show with Kit Harington and Matt LeBlanc, the Pitch Perfect actress was relieved she didn't have to rap like she did last time she was on the show. 

Instead, armed with a pair of toy-shop nunchucks (because safety first) and her cheeky sense of humour, Rebel swung, flung, whirled... whatever else you do with nunchucks, with no apparent effort. Even Jon Snow and Joey Tribbiani knew well enough to back away just in case. What we'd like to see is Rebel taking on Chris Colfer's sai-wielding skills.

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