Prince Harry turns trader for charity

Also, Reese Witherspoon sings reworded Christmas carols, Blake Lively looks to her mother and sisters for motherhood lessons, and Kesha's mum countersues Dr Luke

By Andrea Tim | Published: 4 Dec 2014

World's best broker?
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Prince Harry turns trader for a day
It may be hard for Prince Harry to tackle public speaking, but it seems that tele-conversations aren't a problem for him. Making trade deals over the phone at ICAP's 22nd Annual Global Charity Day yesterday, he managed to make £20,000 for England Rugby's All Schools programme.

"He did fantastically well," ICAP broker Dennis Walton told The Telegraph. "It's not easy picking up the terminology, which can be confusing. But just by taking two phone calls he made £20,000 for charity."

The prince even managed to up a £25-million deal another broker had almost finalised at the gilts desk, by closing it for £30 million instead. "My seller was finished selling," broker Alexander Blayney said. "[Prince Harry] snatched the phone off me and forced him to give some more for charity. He is a better broker than me, put it that way. It was class. Natural talent."

The 30-year-old prince also showed an aptitude for serious multitasking as he spoke into two phones at once to negotiate a whole deal all by himself. "He did better than us," broker Nigel Burwash said. "We might have to employ him."

Well, there's your fall-back plan right there, Your Highness.

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Reese Witherspoon and Jimmy Fallon sing Christmas carols with random lyrics
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has the best games ever. Reese Witherspoon got to play Random Phrase Carols with the host (who's just become a dad again!) and it involved singing with none of the right words.

Judging by Reese's experience, the game is harder than it looks. She was assigned Silent Night, but started singing her strange lyrics in the Jingle Bells tune instead. However, with Jimmy's help for Deck The Halls, the pair breezed through "squeeze the cheese and poke the pony." The rest is history, as can be watched in the video below.

Blake Lively will raise her child influenced by lessons from her mother and sisters
The closer we get to Blake Lively's due date, the more the actress and homemaker gushes about her pregnancy and imminent motherhood. This time, she revealed how she plans to raise her child.

"If I could pass along anything that my mother or my sisters taught me I feel like my kids would be very well off," Blake told US Weekly. "But also I'm fortunate enough to be amongst women like this…"

Blake was at the L'Oreal Paris 2014 Women of Worth Celebration in New York on Tuesday when she expressed how excited she was about having her child grow up surrounded by extraordinary women, who have also influenced her.

"I am fortunate enough to come across people like that and anything I learn from them – to be able to expose my children and instil any sort of values or motivation in them," she said.

Kesha's mother sues Dr. Luke for giving her PTSD
Amid allegations that music producer Dr. Luke raped and abused Kesha, the singer's mother Pebe Sebert has countersued Dr. Luke for not only the same things Kesha earlier accused him of, but for causing Pebe to experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

TMZ reported that Pebe added a few new details to her suit: Luke bragged about raping girls on first dates, and dealt drugs to entertainers. In addition to PTSD, which includes spiked blood pressure and hysteria, Pebe claims that she also suffers from emotional distress.

Dr. Luke previously denied the accusations, saying that it was a ploy by Kesha to get out of her contract with his company.


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