Nora Danish asks for celebrities to receive tax relief

The actress says that the expenditure put into maintaining her appearances is an occupational cost

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 7 Nov 2016

Nora on taxes
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[Updated 7 November 2016] Nora Danish's statement on asking for a tax relief has received some backlash from fellow Malaysians. In her defense, she went on social media to straighten things out. "I've never asked for a tax exemption. In fact, I said that we should all pay our taxes," she wrote in Bahasa Malaysia. 

She also wrote a message on her Instagram. She said, "The issue with Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri, I didn't do anything wrong but I still got reprimanded. I'm sure there's someone who messed up my message. It's okay, I'm on the way back home. Nora will find out who tried to sensationalise the news."


Malaysian actress Nora Danish has asked the Inland Revenue Board (IRB, or Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) to consider waiving certain taxes for artists like herself. She suggested that celebrities often spend a lot of money to maintain their appearances, which comes as part of the job.

"For me, as Malaysians, it is our responsibility [to pay taxes]. But what I hope is for a little exemption for celebrities like us," she told Utusan Malaysia (quoted via The Malay Mail Online). "It is just that, in the current times we are paying a lot for our appearances. So, this is part of our career and perhaps it can be counted as our occupational cost."

According to The Malay Mail, actress Rozita Che Wan was recently barred from flying from Malaysia to London last week after failing to pay her taxes. She had also asked for an extension to pay any tax due.

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