Nora Danish and Ayda Jebat are tired of being criticised unfairly

"I can't be quiet anymore," Nora said

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 8 Dec 2016

Tired of criticism
Photo: noradanish; aydajebat/Instagram

Malaysian actress Nora Danish and singer Ayda Jebat are no strangers to harsh criticism thanks to their line of work. Nora came under fire last month when she asked for celebrities to receive tax relief. She's still apparently living with the backlash that erupted after a news portal published her statement without context.

"I've been through a lot. There are many things that people have said about me on social media. But I just let it all be," Nora told Berita Harian Plus. "Anyway, my statement on the tax relief issue was so twisted out of context that I've been verbally attacked so badly; I can't be quiet anymore."

The situation forced Nora to take legal action against the publications that had manipulated what she said (many mistook her asking for a tax relief as asking for a complete tax exemption). "Every time I go out in public, everyone looks at me as if I've done something wrong," Nora added. "It makes me feel very humiliated. That's why I made the decision to take legal action, to teach people a lesson." 

Singer Ayda, on the other hand, has been criticised for her tendency to block followers on social media whenever they leave rude comments on her posts.

"Although I have been told to ignore the negative comments on social media but sometimes, I read them anyway," Ayda told Berita Harian Plus. "If the comments are constructive, I welcome them. But if they are insulting then I'll erase the comments and block the commenter because I don't want my followers to argue with each other when they try to defend themselves."

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