Nora Danish: "I don't wear the hijab because my fans tell me to"

The Malaysian actress asserts freedom of choice

By Andrea Tim | Published: 6 Jul 2015

Nora's hijab
Photo: noradanish/Instagram

This Ramadhan, many female Muslim celebrities in Malaysia have been taking up the habit of wearing a hijab, including actress and TV personality Nora Danish. Nora does not wear the hijab all the time, but has often received compliments from fans (she has two million followers on Instagram) when she posts photos of herself in modest wear. However, she emphasises that her decision to incorporate the hijab into her wardrobe sometimes wasn't due to pressure from fans.

"I don't want to wear the hijab just because my fans ask me to. Let it be something we're sincere about," the Terengganu-born told Roti Kaya at a Safi Rania buka puasa event. "We need to be kind, and we're aiming to cleanse ourselves from all worldly things. As a Muslim, that's something one wants to do."

In February, model Amber Chia, who is not a Muslim also expressed how her choice to wear the hijab was just that: her choice.

"The reason for me to putting on hijab is to support World Hijab Day, just like others wearing cheongsam during Chinese New Year. Nothing to do with religion," she said.

Meanwhile, in Iran, journalist Masi Alinejad is one of many women who are protesting the mindset that wearing the hijab is compulsory for Muslim women. "Iran is for all Iranians. Iran is me and my mother. My mother wants to wear a scarf. I don't want to wear a scarf. Iran should be for both of us," Masi said.

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