Nabila Huda is enjoying her new life

The actress has moved on from past controversies and is focusing on taking care of her family

By Andrea Tim | Published: 7 Jun 2016

Nabila's new life
Photo: Nabila Huda

Since tying the knot with Mohd Izwan bin Johar last year, Nabila Huda has been very happy with her new life. Once plagued by controversy – including ugly disputes with her father Amy Search – the Malaysian actress said she has moved on and now has a good relationship with her father again.

"I don't want to be involved in things that will disappoint [my family], especially my father," she told Sinar Harian. "We've been estranged before because of my attitude, so I hope whatever happens from now on will be good things. I take everything that has happened as a lesson. I've started a new life since becoming a wife, so of course I want my marriage to be happy and not affected by my past."

Nabila also revealed that having children with Izwan is something she hopes for. She shares a 6-year-old daughter, Keisha Laila, with ex-husband Zaidi Zailani.

"It doesn't matter if I get pregnant sooner or later. I'll always want to have kids, but now I'm still enjoying my honeymoon," she added. She loves her family so much, that being at home with them is when she is happiest.

"If I don't have any matters to see to, I won't leave the house," Nabila said. "My time with my family is far more valuable."

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