Miranda Kerr has a Carrie Bradshaw moment

The supermodel pulls a look from 'Sex and the City' at the ELLE Women in Hollywood awards last night

By Shantila Lee | Published: 21 Oct 2015

Miranda does Carrie
Photos: TPG Images/HBO

Carrie wore it first! Miranda Kerr took a big fashion cue from Carrie Bradshaw (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) in Sex and the City when she wore a pale blue midriff-baring Calvin Klein suit to the US ELLE Women in Hollywood event. The throwback to Carrie circa Season Four of SATC is the belt around the bare belly combo.

In the episode Change of a Dress, brides-to-be Carrie and Miranda decide to try on ugly, puffy wedding dresses to help them face their fears of commitment. Carrie freaks when she sees herself in the mirror and breaks out in an awful rash, eventually having to rip the dress off. Right before that, the two strut around NYC with Carrie wearing a cut-off dress shirt, lime green skirt and a belt around her bare midriff.

It was one of Carrie's stranger outfits, but Miranda pulled it off perfectly for the red carpet. She has the abs to hold up that belt and the fashion sense to match, so why not? Bless SATC pro stylist, the one and only Patricia Fields for creating amazing fashion incarnations that still make comebacks today.

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