Miranda Kerr Sings Elvis With Bobby Fox

Not just a pretty face, and not just a shower singer either

By Andrea Tim | Published: 26 Feb 2014

Miranda Kerr Sings
Photo: thedancingfox/Instagram

[Updated 24 April 2014] Bobby Fox announced on Facebook that his album will be available on iTunes starting 25 April 2014.

"I usually just sing in the shower but @thedancingfox convinced me to record a duet with him."

Miranda Kerr announced on Twitter that she has indeed recorded a song with Irish singer Bobby Fox, but noted that her musical debut is "not a career change, just a bit of fun."

After sampling her voice in her Japanese iced tea commercial a couple of years ago, we're curious to hear how Miranda would do singing (in English) in a full-fledged song; an Elvis song, no less.

Miranda and Bobby’s cover of Elvis and Ann Margaret's You're The Boss will be released on iTunes on March 14.


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