Mindy Kaling speaks at Harvard Law School Class Day

The actress advises law students not to listen to her

By Nalisa Alia Amin | Published: 30 May 2014

Video: Grace Carr

It's the season of celebrities advising fresh young minds. There was Sandra Bullock's surprising speech at Warren Easton Charter High School and then The Mindy Project's actress and comedian, Mindy Kaling was invited to speak at the Harvard Law School Class Day ceremony.

The Dartmouth grad pokes fun at herself, claiming not to be the traditional candidate for a speaker as she doesn't know anything about law. But that didn't stop her praising the graduates for their future success:

"And now with this diploma in hand, most of you will go on to the noblest of pursuits, like helping a cable company acquire a telecom company. You will defend BP from birds. You will spend hours arguing that the well water was contaminated well before the fracking occurred. One of you will sort out the details of my prenup. A dozen of you will help me with my acrimonious divorce."

But always contrary, Mindy emphasised that her key point was that the students shouldn't listen to her advice, or any celebrity's advice.

"...Who should be giving advice? And the answer is: People like you. You're better educated, and you're going to go out in the world and people are going to listen to what you say, whether you're good or evil. And that probably scares you. Because some of you look really young. And I'm afraid a couple of you are probably evil. That's just the odds."

Much of Mindy's ten-minute speech was pure comedic gold and consequently one of the best speeches we've heard in a while. She even name dropped Elle Woods.

But it wasn't all jokes. “I look at all of you and see American’s futures – attorneys, corporate lawyers, public prosecutors, judges, politicians, maybe even the president of the United States,” she said. “Those are all positions of such great influence. Understand that one day you will have the power to make a difference, so use it well.”


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