Matthew Lewis poses nearly nude, JK Rowling reacts

Neville Longbottom is all grown up. Like, really REALLY grown up. Scroll down

By Andrea Tim | Published: 22 May 2015

Matthew poses nude
Photo: Attitude

From the timid, chubby-faced boy in Harry Potter to hot heartthrob in real life, Matthew Lewis has got our attention on him like never before. Posing on the cover of British gay lifestyle magazine Attitude and showing off plenty, the 25-year-old is trying to get used to how the world is reacting to how he has, cough, grown up.

(Photo: Attitude)

"I was 21, I was like, 'Yeah, this'll be cool!'. It was never meant to be a 'Hey everyone, look at me!' but it was nice to be able to go and be myself," Matt tells Attitude about the premiere of the final Harry Potter film, where he could finally ditch the fat suit he wore playing Neville Longbottom. "And then obviously a lot of attention focused on it, which I didn't expect at all. I've never considered myself to be good-looking at all. Just average."

(Photo: Attitude)

"Just average" isn't what anyone would call him now. The 6-foot-tall hunk has had to train for upcoming rom-com Me Before You, in which he co-stars alongside Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, Charles Dance and Jenna Coleman. Hence the amazing body (hey, does anyone else feel like they were hit by a Stunning Spell?).

J.K. Rowling has had, by far, the best reaction to grown-up Neville's half-naked photos.

If you think about it, she is sort of a mother to him in the sense that she created Herbology nerd Neville and watched the actor grow up through the films. And so...

Jason Isaacs, who played Lucius Malfoy, couldn't help but chime in with a cheeky joke, too.

Daniel Radcliffe posed for Attitude in 2009. We wonder which Potter alumni is up next. Tom Felton? Rupert Grint?

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