Listen to Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's duet for H&M

Also, see what Demi Lovato has to say about body image. And are Ariana Grande and Big Sean an item?

By Andrea Tim | Published: 28 Aug 2014

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Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett for H&M
H&M has announced that Lady Gaga and jazz legend Tony Bennett are going to star in its upcoming holiday campaign.

The TV commercial will feature the track seen above, I Can't Give You Anything But Love, from their collaborative jazz album, Cheek to Cheek (who else is excited about this? Because we are very). Gaga and Tony will also reportedly be splashed out on print and online ads.

The duo took to the fast fashion giant's Instagram to deliver the message themselves, with Gaga wearing a pretty arresting wig.

Also, H&M posted this prior to the announcement – the pooches in question belong to the singers – so can we expect a doggy collection? We hope so. Gaga and Tony make an odd couple for a fashion ad collab, but who says we aren't already charmed?

Ariana Grande and Big Sean may be dating
Speaking of odd couples, pint-sized Ariana Grande and Big Sean have been in the centre of romance gossip for quite a while. The gossip may soon turn out to be justified as the pair has been spotted backstage at the VMAs, holding hands after the 26-year-old rapper helped the Break Free singer get to her feet when she tripped.

Big Sean, who was previously engaged to actress Naya Rivera until he called it off in April, worked with Ariana on a couple of songs from her album, My Everything. A source revealed to E! Online that the two have been friends since. Don't keep us on our toes, you two.

Demi Lovato reflects on her MTV VMA outfits
Demi Lovato stopped the show at the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet on Sunday when she showed up wearing a scarlet dress that flaunted major cleavage. While the fashion world took notes about the child-star-turned-pop-diva's evolving style, Demi revealed on Instagram that this evolution meant a lot more to her than just a change in her wardrobe.

"This picture makes me feel so many mixed emotions.. I remember the day I wore the dress in the very first picture. I remember asking for spanx to flatten my stomach because I use to feel so heavy and "fat"," Demi admitted. "Now looking at this picture, you can clearly see my hip bones. It makes me sad because I wasted so many years ashamed of my body when I could've been living the happy and healthy life I live today. It TRULY just goes to show you that your perceptions can lie to you. OR they can make you learn to enjoy life. Fortunately looking at the picture of myself in the red dress yesterday, I not only feel so grateful for the love and support I've had from fans, friends and family, but... I also feel.. beautiful."

Teaches us never to take someone wearing a stunning red dress for granted, doesn't it?

"I'm so excited to live my life the way I deserve to and to the complete fullest," Demi added, also thanking her fans. "Thank you guys once again.. I'm so thankful for my Lovatics. I love you... And never forget that staying strong is worth it." You stay true to yourself, Demi.

Jessica Alba's start-up business is valued at close to $1 billion
The Honest Company, Jessica Alba's eco-friendly baby products business, has now raised a whopping $70 million. The company is also preparing for an IPO (initial public offering), which will mean a transition for The Honest Co. from being a start-up to becoming a public company.

Brian Lee, Honest's co-founder said "We believe being a public company is the best path for us going forward and it's good to get that validation early on... I can't say when that will be, but we are definitely starting to think and act like a public company."

Jessica started the company in 2012 to address the demand (which she experienced herself) for "effective, but unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable" baby products. Now, the company is reportedly considering partnerships to expand to China. Not bad, Jesssica. Not bad.


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