Lisa Surihani has concerns about posting Yahaira's photos

The Malaysian actress shares her concerns with husband Yusry Abdul Halim

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 11 Nov 2015

Lisa worries
Photo: yusrykru/Instagram

[Updated 11 November 2015] Lisa Surihani has declared that there will be no exclusive first looks of her daughter's photos.

"There is no need for exclusivity because she's too young to be exposed to the public. When the time is right, I will introduce her to everyone. Whatever I choose to do, we will discuss it first," she told

"Let her grow up and open her own social media accounts, that's if she even wants to. If her photos get onto social media, they will be misused by irresponsible people anyway, so let her grow up first," Lisa added.


When Lisa Surihani and her husband Yusry Abdul Halim announced the birth of their baby girl Yahaira Leanne in September, we couldn't have been happier for the lovely couple who had been trying to have kids for some time.

But with motherhood comes certain problems and in Lisa's case: the misuse of her baby's photo across social media platforms.

"Just imagine that after a photo of the three of us was shared, we were shocked to see how many social media accounts including Instagram ones that existed under Yahaira's name. There are even some who sought profit from using the name to sell products and services," Lisa told Berita Harian Plus.

"This situation worries me as a mother," she added. Who wouldn't be worried? This is getting creepy, guys. Lisa and Yusry also hope for the public to respect their family's privacy.

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