See the first photos of Lisa Surihani and Yusry Abdul Halim's daughter

Lisa and Yusry celebrated their daughter's birth with an aqiqah ceremony

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 8 Dec 2015

Yahaira's photos
Photo: yusrykru/Instagram

Lisa Surihani and her husband Yusry Abdul Halim have officially introduced their beloved daughter Yahaira Leanne to the world via an Instagram post yesterday.

The couple held an aqiqah ceremony for Yahaira on Sunday at the Country Heights Resort in Kajang. An aqiqah ceremony is part of Muslim tradition, used to announce the birth of a baby and to bestow blessings upon the child. The ceremony had a village and batik theme which was put together by White District KL.

"Assalamualaikum, Alhamdullilah. We're extremely grateful for Yahaira's presence in our lives. There never has been the intention 'to hide' our child like some of you say. As a father, I want my daughter to grow up in the most normal way," Yusry wrote on Instagram.

"She should be able to grow up like her parents did back in the day and like many other kids today. I post this photo of our family because yesterday was a very important day for us and for Yahaira. With this photo, insha Allah this innocent child will not be over complimented or criticised. Don't blame her mother as well if all she wants for her child is a normal upbringing," he continued.

"A celebrity's life was never chosen by our daughter. For Yahaira, when you're able to read and understand this post; Mummy and Daddy are doing this because we think it is best for you. We might not know about it all but we are trying to bring you up like how your grandparents raised us. Become a responsible person, someone who is of use to the community and a servant to God. Amin," Yusry said.

You heard the man, cool the comments you guys! We hope to see more of adorable little Yahaira now that she's been officially introduced to the world.


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