Lindsay Lohan has a weird new accent

How on earth?

By Andrea Tim | Published: 2 Nov 2016

LiLo's new accent
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We get it; people do things that surprise other people. Bizzare new haircut? Cool. Unusual new job? You do you. Completely unexpected new boyfriend? We're used to that like we're used to traffic in KL.

Lindsay Lohan with a new accent no one can figure out? Sure.

The actress, who just opened a night club in Greece recently, spoke in an unidentifiable accent while talking to reporters in Greece yesterday. Maybe she's been hanging out with a lot of Greek friends, so she could be trying to lean into a combination of Central European accents. Maybe she's practicing for a reboot of The Parent Trap (except her twin is from Greece)?

While you try to figure out what that combination is, Lindsay has already given it a name.

Lindsay isn't the first celebrity to have an identity crisis change her accent, but it's still bizarre enough to distract from what she was actually saying in the first place (she said adding refugee camps and spas into her business resume is definitely a possibility).

And hey, if you really think about it, people changing their accents shouldn't be a great surprise to us on the other side of the pond, right?

Just going to leave this video here.

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