Lady Gaga Wears Gareth Pugh Coffee Filter Dress

Singer makes a grand entrance at Jimmy Kimmel Live

By Andrea Tim | Published: 18 Mar 2014

Video: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Once we got past the fact that Lady Gaga was being cycled onstage by a pink leotard-clad man, we could pay attention to the spectacle that was the Gareth Pugh Fall 2014 opening look, which she styled with sky-high wedge sneakers.

As Jimmy Kimmel, host of late night TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live expressed his fascination with her all-white ensemble, Gaga told him that the fluffy dress is made of coffee filters. "Upcycling," she quipped with a grin to the audience.

Praising Gareth Pugh for the design, Lady Gaga said that she "just really wanted to be comfortable for the interview." Also, she called her wedges her hiking shoes, to no surprise from any of us, really. If anyone can do it, it's Gaga.

This actually isn't the most bizarre thing the Applause singer's has been seen in; she has rocked outrageous looks, ranging from meat, a chicken nugget, bubbles, fire-spitting bras, and Kermit the Frog soft toys. Keep it comin', Gaga.


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