Lady Gaga Gives Us A Peek Into Her New York City Apartment

MTV's Sway Calloway has tea with Mama Monster in her Roseland Residency home

By Andrea Tim | Published: 7 Apr 2014

Video: MTV

The first thing Lady Gaga tells MTV news correspondent Sway Calloway is that her Roseland Ballroom apartment in Manhattan, New York is a rental. As part of her MTV Takeover, Gaga showed Sway around her swanky home, which she says Liza Minnelli and Tony Bennett had previously lived in.

She walked him through to the living room (hello ornate chandelier), and offered him tea with her Donatella Versace tea set – because you know, she's classy. Then, she brought him out to the rooftop, which boasts a brilliant view of Central Park.

"The most important thing to me about this place is that I can come up here and see outside. I mean, that's the best thing," Gaga told Sway.

Being the superstar she is, she knows she can't go around without a disguise. "I miss going outside... Such is life. I'm blessed in many ways," she said. Blessed, indeed. With a bedroom that is (neatly) strewn with designer shoes, glittery boots, and frequent gifts from fans including a gold-plated rose, it's not hard to go gaga over the 28-year-old singer's life.

Lady Gaga Live at Roseland Ballroom is her first residency show. It began on 28 March, and closes today, 7 April, after which Roseland Ballroom will close its doors for good.


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