Lady Gaga's Carpool Karaoke has so many great moments

We document our train of thoughts during the best moments of Lady Gaga staging a mini concert in James Corden's car

By Andrea Tim | Published: 27 Oct 2016

Video: The Late Late Show with James Corden

Lady Gaga will not wait for you to settle into a Carpool Karaoke video before she starts her road rage. Not 15 seconds in, she's already cursing at bad traffic (the real international language!). Half a minute later, she and James Corden jump into their first song. The full setlist: Perfect Illusion, Bad Romance, The Edge of Glory, Born This Way, Poker Face, A Million Reasons.

Here, we give you an almost-blow-by-blow recap of the video – a time-stamped list of highlights, if you will.

0:12 – Gaga's already cursing at bad traffic. We relate.
1:19 – Geez, those vocal chords! (Perfect Illusion)
3:02 – So... we just learned something new about the lyrics for Bad Romance.
4:13 – Their claws are out! (Bad Romance)
5:02 – Gaga gets into the driver's seat, just months after getting her license.
5:30 – We seriously hope James has insurance for his car.
6:20 – Wow. WOW.
7:00 – This is probably the best vocal warm-up ever recorded.
7:40 – Benedict Cumberbatch had better be watching this.
8:20 – Somebody give this episode the Best Harmony award, please. (Born This Way)
12:10 – The meat suit is back! But not on Gaga. Yikes, James.
13:11 – BRB, crying at the chorus for A Million Reasons.

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