Kirsten Dunst doesn't approve of selfies

Also, Lena Dunham is making an LGBTQ documentary, Leonardo DiCaprio makes his first UN speech, and Vince Vaughn joins Colin Farrell on True Detective

By Andrea Tim | Published: 24 Sep 2014

Kirsten's beef
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Kirsten Dunst is appalled at modern selfie culture
It seems that the youngsters of today are so caught up with mobile life that nothing tangible really matters anymore, and it's pissing Kirsten Dunst off. In a short film for Vs. Magazine, two fangirls approach Kirsten to take selfies... and then completely ignore her.

Come on, it's Kirsten Dunst. Have a damn conversation with her; ask her what her favourite fruit is; anything! She didn't have to say anything, but that stare that she gave them was more than enough to say "I can't believe this s**t." See for yourself.

Lena Dunham is producing a LGBT-centric documentary
Three Suits, a HBO documentary about tailoring company, Bindle & Keep will be produced by Lena Dunham's A Casual Romance Productions. The film is to centre on Bindle & Keep's many transgender clients. The actress herself will executive-produce with her Girls co-showrunner, Jennifer Konner, while Jason Benjamin and Bob Richman are to be director and cinematographer respectively.

"We were totally blown away when Lena's team first reached out to us – the art we practice is so specialised that it was hard to believe heavy hitters were taking an interest," said Daniel Friedman, founder and owner of Bindle & Keep.

Vince Vaughn is to star in True Detective
It's official; Vince Vaughn will be joining Colin Farrell on TV for the second season of HBO's crime drama, True Detective. HBO confirmed the news on Twitter.

A press release also described their roles in the series. Colin will play Ray Velcoro, "a compromised detective whose allegiances are torn between his masters in a corrupt police department and the mobster who owns him." Vince will play Frank Semyon, "a career criminal in danger of losing his empire when his move into legitimate enterprise is upended by the murder of a business partner."

As for the rest of the ensemble, HBO noted that casting will be announced upon confirmation. Fast & Furious director Justin Lin will helm the first two episodes.

Leonardo DiCaprio's first Instagram photo is of himself at the UN Climate Summit
'Tis true, Leo has gotten himself an Instagram account, but it wasn't just for fun. Thanking UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the actor wrote "Today, I have the privilege to speak at the United Nations #Climate2014 Summit where world leaders are expected to announce the bold steps they will take to tackle climate change."

The caption on another photo read "This seems like the perfect setting to join Instagram and share this view from the UN General Assembly. What a great honor this is." Dedicated Leo is dedicated.

You can't really see his man bun here, but you will in the video of him delivering his speech at the opening of the Climate Summit 2014, as newly appointed UN Messenger of Peace. Leonardo is one of the world's most recognisable actors, and it's not like he's not aware of this, but he assures us that his role at the UN isn't merely a superficial one.

"I stand before you, not as an expert, but as a concerned citizen," he said, later urging world leaders to face the challenge of solving climate crisis with "courage and honesty." Good going, Leo.


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