Kim Kardashian doesn't like being pregnant

She also doesn't understand people who enjoy pregnancy

By Andrea Tim | Published: 6 Oct 2015

Kim vs. Pregnancy
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Kim Kardashian said in May that she and Kanye West were trying hard to conceive baby number two.

"We are trying. We try every single day. You can't try harder than we try," she told E! News. "It's getting exhausting."

However, in a new post on her website, the expecting mum revealed that she doesn't like being pregnant.

"I'm not sure why I don't like the experience like others do," Kim wrote. "Maybe it's the swelling, the backaches or just the complete mindf**k of how your body expands and nothing fits. I just always feel like I'm not in my own skin. It's hard to explain. I don't feel sexy, either – I feel insecure and most of the time I just feel gross."

She also claims to have been completely unaware about the less enjoyable things that often come with being with child.

"People just don't tell you all of the gross things that happen during pregnancy or after. Do you know you basically have to wear a diaper for two months afterwards?! LOL! No one told me that! #SoSexy," she continued.

Of course, she adds that when the baby comes, it's all worth it. Well, Kim, despite your fertility concerns, you have a healthy two-year-old and another kid on the way. Consider yourself blessed.

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