If there's anything worth following in Kim Kardashian's footsteps for, it's this

She no longer thinks ill of public breastfeeding

By Andrea Tim | Published: 27 Jan 2016

Kim on breastfeeding
Photo: Kim Kardashian/Twitter

Kim Kardashian once expressed her utter disgust for public breastfeeding in a tweet that read: "EWW I'm at lunch, the woman at the table next 2 me is breast feeding her baby w no coverup then puts baby on the table and changes her diaper."

We can understand feeling outraged about someone changing a baby's diaper on the dining table, but public breastfeeding? There isn't anything wrong with that. And Kim gets it too, now that she's a mother.

"I know some people find breastfeeding such a private, personal experience, while other people are very open and even breastfeed in public," she wrote in a new post on her app. "Now that I'm a mom, I say whatever makes you comfortable goes. I still personally wouldn't breastfeed at a restaurant with a bunch of people I didn't know staring at me. I've seen this before and remember tweeting how shocked I was. Now that I'm a mom, I'm not that shocked, especially if you have a few kids and can't leave to breastfeed one kid in the bathroom while leaving the others at the table. But I still personally wouldn't do it, unless it was an emergency situation and I was fully covered. I would however breastfeed in front of my girlfriends. I think it's such a natural experience and I'm not shy about that. I know so many people get backlash for posting breastfeeding pics, but I don't mind them!"

It's good to know that an influential celebrity like her has changed her mind about the issue. It doesn't even matter that she doesn't breastfeed in public with strangers around, as long as she's helping to spread awareness and acceptance of public breastfeeding so that women who do that won't be criticised. 

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