Kim Kardashian beats Beyoncé to become Queen of Instagram

And her follower numbers continue to climb every time you refresh the page

By Andrea Tim | Published: 25 Aug 2015

Kim, Instagram Queen
Photo: kimkardashian/Instagram

Step aside, Beyoncé. Kim Kardashian has taken the Instagram throne – the reality TV star is now the most followed person on Instagram, with 44,112,500 million users and counting.

Beyoncé seems to have been on a holiday with Jay Z and Blue Ivy over the weekend; mother and daughter wore matching swimsuits, no less. Meanwhile, all's the same in Kim's world. We've not yet been deprived of a selfie and we expect nothing to change, even as her number of followers goes up by the dozens every time you hit 'refresh'.

One thing to keep in mind is that Beyoncé isn't actually far behind. As we're writing this, the difference between the two is close to 100,000. Although this number is a thousand times more than most of us mere mortals even dream of boasting, it's one that the world's most famous celebrities are capable of gaining in just a day or two. We won't be surprised if the Beyhive plots to close the gap and eventually let Beyoncé take the lead again, or if Taylor Swift (currently in third place at 43.6 million) comes and knocks everyone out by surprise.

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