Are Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne working together?

Two of fashion's most influential ladies are working on a secret project. Say what?

By Nalisa Alia Amin | Published: 2 Oct 2014

Kim K + Cara D
Photo: Getty Images

Forget Twitter, forget Facebook, forget official websites. Instagram is today's staple medium to announce news today. Oh, you just cut your hair? Instagram it. You just gave birth? Instagram that too. Kim Kardashian uses the photo sharing app to announce anything new nowadays. And so, significantly, Kim recently posted a snap of her and Cara Delevingne posing side by side with wet hair and black tanks and captioned it 'Secret Project'.

The reality super star also tagged Katie Grand, who is the editor-in-chief of LOVE magazine and responsible for putting Kim's half sister and model, Kendall Jenner on the cover of their bi-annual magazine.

What does this mean? What project are Cara and Kim working on that is so secretive? Are they doing an editorial shoot for LOVE? A short film? A campaign ad? Kanye West's music video? Kim, why you gotta play us like that? Oh, the curiosity.


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