Kids weigh in on Batman v Superman with Henry Cavill

Watch the British actor try (and fail) to convert a few Batman fans into Superman admirers

By Andrea Tim | Published: 23 Feb 2016

Video: Omaze

Which superhero can fly, is super strong, can move really fast and can bend metal? According to these kids, it's not Superman.

It's Batman.

Before you (adult) fans go on a rampage about how wrong the children are, consider this. They're kids. Also, they are arguing with Henry Cavill (oh, just the guy who plays Superman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, no biggie) about which superhero is better, which really makes the whole thing the cutest argument ever.

"Batman can fly, 'cause he's got wings," one girl tells the actor, whose efforts to explain the psychics of Batman simply gliding and not flying are wasted on the brutally honest, Batman-favouring kids. Watch Henry (Superman) get burned (taken down by Batman fans) and try not to feel too sorry for him.

The video is part of a campaign to promote a contest that will give one winner and a friend the Ultimate Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Experience, which includes hanging out with Henry and co-stars Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg at the New York premiere of the film. Entries are by donation, which will benefit Eastern Congo Initative (co-founded by Ben), SEED Project (nominated by Jesse) and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (nominated by Henry). Click here for more information or to enter the competition.

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