Keith Foo wants two children

The actor plans for a small family of his own

By Andrea Tim | Published: 14 Apr 2016

Keith wants two kids
Photo: keithfoo/Instagram

Keith Foo and Kim Raymond have been married for a little over four months, and the actor has already expressed his desire to be a father.

"I want two kids, but if we have more, I'd still be thankful," the 33-year-old told My News Hub. "I hope Kim gets pregnant soon... If she hasn't, maybe we just haven't been lucky yet."

Keith also revealed that Kim, a fashion stylist, is now his manager and it seems that, at least for the two of them, working with your spouse is easier than expected.

"I feel more comfortable working with my wife," he said. "Even if we fight, we're fighting with each other. Even if I debate with her, it's about work. With other people, sometimes we might feel a little hesitant to be frank about things. But with my wife, it's easy to communicate with her."

Sounds like Keith and Kim won't have a problem deciding what colour to paint the baby's room, then.

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