Kate Winslet on 'Titanic' ending: Leo could have fit on the raft

She confirms what we've all been thinking for years

By Shantila Lee | Published: 3 Feb 2016

Video: Entertainment Tonight

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, Kate Winslet finally made official what just about every one of us who watched Titanic 20 years ago have been pondering: two could have fit on that bit of wood Rose was floating on. Photos of her and Leonardo DiCaprio together at the SAG Awards reignited Titanic memories, and Kate's confession.

"There was plenty of room on the raft," said Jimmy Kimmel, and Kate replied, "I know, I know. I agree, I think he could have actually fitted on that bit of door." In that epic scene, the Titanic sinks, Jack finds a slab of drifting wood that Rose gets up on, and she leaves Jack in the water to freeze to an icy death.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

While we may all have been shouting 'get on the wood you nitwit!' while tearing up and watching the ending, in retrospect, it is the moment that made the movie, as James Cameron once told The Guardian. "Wait a minute," he said, "I'm going to call up William Shakespeare and ask why Romeo and Juliet had to die."

Kate also said she is amazed by how people got excited seeing them together at the SAG awards. "We were giggling about it that night. I was like, 'Oh my God, can you actually believe it that people still get so overwhelmed by the Jack and Rose thing?'"

Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio
Photo: kate.winslet.official/Instagram

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